Mum gets a huge shock when she receives her children's DNA test results


Becky-Jo Allen had her suspicions about her triplets, but got a shock when she received the results of their DNA test. 


Becky welcomed her three boys back in 2016, and after a month in the NICU, Rocco, Roman and Rohan were allowed to go home.


And while no one could tell the boys apart from each other, Becky AND the babies' doctors  were convinced they weren't identical. 



“We don’t get anywhere fast because people are always stopping us when we’re out and asking if they are identical," she told the LiverpoolEcho


“I was always convinced they weren’t, because that’s what I had been told during my pregnancy."


However, rather than spend their lives wondering if they were or were not, Becky decided to find out once and for all, so she sent samples of their DNA to a special company - who confirmed they ARE identical. 



Going to visit the nursery 

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After she received the results, the mum-of-four took to Instagram to share the incredible news.


"Well we've had the results back from the lab and it turns out we have identical triplets (monozygotic).


"I can't believe it I've had identical triplets for almost 10 months thinking they was non identical to have triplets is rare but to have identical ones is something else."



And the most incredible thing? The chance of having IDENTICAL triplets is about 200 million in one...



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