Last weekend, Katrina Bolduc completed her fifth triathlon, her first since giving birth to her little boy.


But that wasn’t her only accomplishment that day. The Californian mum (28) also overcome her fear of breastfeeding in public – her friends’ negative experiences had always put her off in the past.


Just “30 or 40 seconds” after crossing the finishing line, she took her seven-month-old son into her arms and nursed him in full view of passersby.


Her proud hubby captured the touching moment on camera, and she later posted it to Facebook.


“Got my medal and fed my baby like a champ!” she wrote. “I dared anyone to test me here, but no one even cared, and even commented as I fed him ‘congrats.’ This is a special day in the books for me!”




So far, her post has been liked over 4.5 times, and Katrina is happy with her new status as public breastfeeding advocate.


“I think there needs to be more positivity and encouragement so we can continue to live our lives and feed our children and not feel like we need to run away and hide in a car or bathroom,” she said.


Too right! Katrina's post has inspired other mums to post snaps of themselves breastfeeding in public.


After uploading a snap of herself breastfeeding her baby after running a marathon, commenter Stacey LeBlanc wrote:


"Here I am nursing my 19 month old after finishing a 50km ultra marathon :) I love this picture, mommas can be strong, accomplish amazing feats and still nourish their babies!"


Check out Katrina's post and photo below. 



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