Just heartbreaking.


A brave mum has put her pain and worry aside to film an important video begging parents to fit their children with a helmet.


Emma Fairthorne is mum to beautiful teen Georgia, who is fighting for her life following brain surgery after falling over while skateboarding.


The heartbreaking clip sees Emma – standing outside the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff where Georgia is being treated – plea with parents to ensure their kids are properly protected.


“It's the summer holidays and I know it's not cool to wear a helmet,” she says to the camera.


“We didn't have one that fitted Georgia but I just didn't think. She didn't go down a massive hill.


“I wish as a mum that I had provided her with a helmet.


“I'm just praying the best possible outcome happens for her.


“That should have been a broken wrist or ankle... not brain surgery and intensive care.”



19-year old Georgia fell when her skateboard hit a stone – an accident that could easily happen.


“'She was out playing with her sisters – she'd had a really nice week with us down here,” says Emma.


“The older ones decided to go out on the skateboards – I heard them at the front of the house. I thought I ought to check they weren't going far as it was quite late.


“About half an hour later Hermione [a relative] came running in saying, ‘It's Georgia, it's Georgia!’


“I just want all the kids out there to know...please, please.”



Emma has now set up a Facebook page Georgia on my mind, where she shares updates on the teen’s progress, as well as her happiest memories of her beloved daughter. 


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