Otis and Jean’s picturesque house from Sex Education is available to rent

If you’re a fan of Netflix's hit teen comedy, Sex Education, then you’re probably all too familiar with Otis and Jean’s magnificent, lake-side period home, which looks absolutely breathtaking in every single scene.

You simply can’t watch the show without taking in those picturesque views, that charismatic interior and of course the enviable location, as this large, family home is situated in the peaceful woods, surrounded by mountains and a lake.

Now, fans and holiday goers alike can book a couple of nights away in this truly mesmerising home, which the owner has decided to rent out to the public.

This lavish Norwegian style property is 100-years-old and sleeps up to 10 people in five bedrooms. It’s quite close to the Welsh border, located near the small village of Symonds Nat Rock in the Wye Valley, Herefordshire.

Perfect for a tranquil getaway in the countryside, the Chalet is the ideal holiday home to book if you’re celebrating with family or friends, or if you fancy a little adventure. With lots to do, guests can embark on woodland trails through the cinematic Wye Valley and Forest of Dean.

Or you could always step out of the garden onto footpaths, cycle trails and the riverside for wild swimming, canoeing and fishing. Plus, the home itself is fully equipped with a cinema room, an outdoor bath and a pizza oven for optimum entertaining activities.

Photo Credits: thechaletsymondsyat.co.uk

In case you were wondering, unlike the Netflix series, Otis and Jean’s home isn’t actually filled with phallic paraphernalia or old fashioned furnishing and decor. In reality, the Chalet is quite exquisite. 

Featuring plenty of bold colours and lush furnishings, this holiday home is actually quite cosy, modern, luxurious and homely. From claw-foot tubs to wood-burning stoves, this staycation location looks like an absolute dream.

Photo Credits: thechaletsymondsyat.co.uk

If it sounds too good to be true though, then perhaps that’s because it is, as the Chalet is in high demand with a steep price tag attached to every visit.

According to the website, a four night stay will put you back €3,507 (£2,995). However, as this sleeps 10 people, if you were to divide it equally, it'll only actually cost you €87.60 per person per night, which is by no means cheap but it’s not breaking the bank either.

To learn more about the Chalet and book your stay, click here