Its time to get creative: 7 female DIY-ers with useful hacks and tips

If you’re anything like me, Instagram reels and ‘for you’ pages always bring you into a deep dive. Some pretty random stuff has come up, but with them, has come a new obsession.

DIY pages.

There is something unbelievably satisfying about seeing people achieve the furniture and homes of their dreams in the quick 30 seconds of a reel. Flea market’s crumbling dressers became chic and modern drinks cabinets before our eyes. Old, musty houses fell and rebuilt themselves as bright, airy spaces. Seeing people achieving things and learning new skills is motivating and inspiring!

In case you want to tackle any of these projects yourself, are looking for a little house-inspo or, like me, are just morbidly fascinated by these productive, chirpy people, I’ve collected some of my favourite Insta DIY pages for you to have a gawk at and feel utterly useless because you don’t know how to use a glue gun.


The Honest Home @thehonesthome_

Molly’s slogan is ‘Dream, Build, Repeat’. And my God, has Molly built wonders! I’m convinced this woman must never sleep. An avid DIY Instagrammer since July 2019, Molly has taken us along with her through the dreamy remodeling of her bathroom (how can a bathroom be dreamy, you ask? Leave it up to Molly), fitting a sleek new kitchen and building her own fireplace among hundreds of other projects. With 502k followers, Molly’s reach is wide, but so is her range. Her skill set is enviable as is her eye for interior design. Definitely one of my favourite pages to watch.

Maggie Mcgaugh @maggiemcgaugh

Okay, if Molly is my favourite interior design DIY-er, then Maggie is my favourite furniture flipper. What does that mean, you ask? It means she can turn junk into gems in the space of a thirty second reel. Another lady with serious skills, Maggie sources, sands down and spruces up her junkyard finds and then sells them to make a profit. She favours a modern look for most of the furniture with vintage twists, which is right up my alley. Her format is mostly reels, which makes her content super easy to get lost in for hours. Well worth checking out.

The Flipped Piece @theflippedpiece

Shayna Alnwick, similarly to Maggie Mcgaugh, flips furniture by updating and upgrading it. A big fan of neutral shades and minimalism, her artsy pieces get big props for creativity. Using wallpaper, leftover material or charity shop finds, she gives her old furniture makeovers by any means possible. Sustainable, crafty and chic, her products always have something a little different and unique once she's done with them. This unit's flip is probably one of my faves.

Ashley French @mrsashleyfrench

Ashley is a self-professed 'Fearless DIYer renovating [a]1962 home on a budget [and] Learning how to do it on [her] own.' Completing a combo of projects revolving around decor and construction, Ashley's style, clean, calming and natural, featuring lots of wood, tones of blue grey and white, and textured materials. This office window seat is one her most ambitious projects to date, but it looks utterly serene and professional. 

M W Home Good @mwhomegoods

Vintage upcycled furniture is Meg's weapon of choice in the DIY game. She keeps all the charm of the original piece and gives it a preppy, fresh makeover using bright colours and quirky patterns. A bolder look than some of the other DIY-ers, this handy gal prefers to go with the bold choices in her colours. Statement pieces that pop are her jam, and I love them!

Builds by Kristen @builds_by_kristen

Kristen is all about making the best of what you have. Her 70s home is filled with her own DIY projects but what I really love is her creative, homemade art. 'Finding your peace in your home is so important! I live in a small 1970s home, I wouldn’t call it your typical “Instagram home”, but I want to prove that you don’t have to have the perfect home to make it perfect for you!' Her style is quite natural and soft, full of tans and creams, a very boho kind of palette. 

The Flip Hub @theflihubb

Kenna is an interior stylist who has turned to DIY for her instagram page. Full of designs for kid's rooms, her style if young, clean and modern.  With the help of her brother, she creates whimsical and stylish designs that stand out. Her accent wall video is one of the example sof how her methods are simple, yet so effective in changing up a room. 

Are you going to give any of these ideas a go? I'm already googling my nearest DIY shop! 

Cover photo credit: @kiplinghouseinteriors