Charlotte Hames from Nottingham has issued a warning to all parents after her two-year-old son’s neck got caught up in his hydraulic “Ottoman-type” bed.


On Monday, Charlotte found her son, Buddy George, blue and unresponsive with his neck stuck in a loop hanging from a bed, and it was a race against time to save him.


Thankfully, Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham were able to revive the youngster and he was only kept in as an extra precaution.


Following the incident, Buddy George’s father, Anthony Ancliff, has spoken up about the incident in a bid to raise awareness of the dangers of the beds which have bases that lift up for extra storage.



“Charlotte grabbed Buddy and rushed him next door to my uncle’s house where they called an ambulance and started trying to revive him,” Anthony explained to The Telegraph.  


“Charlotte called me at work saying Buddy had hung himself and wasn’t breathing. She was so hysterical I couldn’t make out what she was trying to say so I just got off the phone and drove to the hospital in a blind panic.”


Derbyshire County Council, who are investigating the incident, have released a statement saying that the bed had a one foot loop which when pulled starts the hydraulics. It then requires an adult to pull it back down again.


"It appears Buddy had managed to trigger the lifting process but his slight weight was not enough to prevent the mattress continuing to rise when his neck got caught in the lifting loop and he was pulled upwards," Councillor Dave Allen, cabinet member for health and communities, told the publication. 


"The strap effectively created a ligature that lifted him off his feet and it is only the fact that his mother found him in time that we are not dealing with a terrible tragedy."


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