Parents are outraged after club promoters advertised an event named “Pop Ya Cherry Parties” for children as young as 14.


Posters for the Valentine’s event were posted near bus stops used by school children and claim to be better than “the best over 18s nights in the world”.


Parents in the Surrey town, however, are shocked by the wording used on the posters saying they are promoting underage sex.



One local came across the posters on his way home from work and took to social media to share his disgust.


“I used to go to under 18s nights and they definitely weren’t advertised like that. I just can’t believe it.


“The term ‘pop ya cherry’ in particular obviously implies that if you’re a virgin you should go there to have sex.


“There are loads of school kids who get off at that bus stop so they’re obviously deliberately targeting them.”



While promoters claim to event is selling out fast, only six of the 330 invited have said they are attending.


The venue that are said to be hosting the party have said that while they do hold under 18s nights, this particular one has not been 100pc confirmed.