Baby jp Photography


We’re parents, too. We remember staring in wonder. Then we took stock. Ahead lay the most incredible journey, of growing and growth and opportunity. It hit us that it should all be remembered. So we took photo after photo from the off.
We had pictures of smiles and tears. Crawling and walking. Curious hands exploring the cot. Sleeping babies – floating by, counting their toes. And all so very perfect.
When we started capturing baby memories for a living, there were a few things we decided on right away.
Firstly, it’s impossible to start too early. Which might mean photographing your bump. But it should definitely mean shoots from five days old, when baby is still beautifully supple. It makes for some great sleeping shots.
Next, the joy of being a mum or dad can be everyone’s. So the photography should be, too. That’s why our pricing is simple and affordable.
Although we’re wedding photographers, too, we insisted on having a dedicated newborn studio. One that was warm and safe, with plenty of antique and specialist props.
We also promised never to rush a sitting. Your pictures must last a lifetime. So we take our time. It’s why we promise yours will be the only sitting that day.
Finally, we think about brothers and sisters. With all the fuss over the new arrival, it’s easy to leave them out. So we don’t.
You’ve fallen head-over-heels in love with baby. Now it’s our job to make sure you fall in love with your photos just as much.
Expectedly waiting
Jules and Sue.