‘Pink flags’ are the new relationship warning signs that everyone should take note of

It would seem ‘pink flags’ is the relationship term we all need to know about.

You’ve heard about relationship deal-breakers and red flags, right? Cheating, manipulating, gas-lighting and controlling behaviour are all big relationship no-no’s, or red flags as the internet has deemed them — signs that you should run for the hills, stat!

Well, if you thought that was straight forward enough, now we have to worry about pink flags too.  According to Jessica Alderson, the relationship expert and co-founder of dating app So Synced, pink flags are “minor areas of concern” which you might want to keep an eye on in case they turn into something more worrisome.

“They are indications that the relationship might not be right or that it will take some work. Pink flags are not to be ignored but they aren't necessarily deal breakers,” Ms Alderson explained while speaking to Tyla.

“Red flags are serious indicators that you aren't right for each other. Pink flags are smaller issues that need to be monitored and there's a good chance that you can resolve the issues if you are both willing.”

While every couple’s pink flags may look different, some examples include not being as physical as you used to be, not wanting to feature on the other’s social media feed, not making as much time for the other anymore, you haven’t had a ‘real’ date in a long time, when you are together, you spend a lot of the time on your phones, etc.

Ultimately, clear and honest communication is the key to getting rid of your relationship’s pink flags, before they turn into major problems. “When you first notice a pink flag, it isn't a deal breaker in itself, it depends on what happens next,” Jessica notes.

“If there are more pink flags popping up or if the initial pink flag is morphing into a red flag, that's a bad sign. If you have talked about the pink flags and resolved the issues, that's actually a great sign because it means that there's a higher chance that you'll be able to overcome relationship speed bumps in the future.”

It’s time to assess those pink flags, ladies, before it’s too late!