Plastic wet wipes ban – we can all be part of the solution

Wet wipes containing plastic will be banned in England under plans to tackle water pollution, the ban which is due to come in to force next year is part of a bigger plan to improve water quality.

This is a very welcomed plan, as it seems crazy that we are still using a product that’s detrimental to our environment (blocking sewage systems, contaminating rivers, littering beaches and ending up in landfill) and wasting tax payers’ money that is literally thrown down the drain to sort out the mess that disposable wet wipes cause.

Wet wipe users, particularly parents, will be looking for a product solution in light of this ban – an ideal product alternative is already available now in the form of reusable wipes. The majority of wipes on the market contain plastic, whereas the Bambino Mio reusable baby wipes contain 0% plastic.

Bambino Mio’s award-winning reusable baby wipes are perfect. Each wipe is super soft for cleansing baby’s delicate skin, perfect for all skin types and can be used with water for chemical-free cleaning. These wipes are a cost-effective option (£7.99 for 10) to disposable wipes, reusable wipes can be washed and used again and again – resulting in no need to buy more and no waste. In addition, Bambino Mio also offer supreme reusable wipes made with bamboo (£9.99 for 10).

By choosing reusable wipes parents can opt for natural alternatives, save money and help the environment, knowing their wipes aren’t blocking our sewage systems and won’t end up in landfill or incineration.

And you should also be mindful of other eco alternatives such as ‘eco’ disposable wet wipes, as they don’t quite deliver on the same level as the reusable wipes. Did you know that single use wipes often take a minimum of 12 weeks to break down, meaning if flushed they can still cause blockages in sewers. They contribute to resource consumption, which is responsible for carbon emissions and biodiversity loss and these kinds of wipes still need to contain chemical preservatives to prevent them from growing mould and bacteria.

Currently available plastic-free brands are more expensive than brands containing plastic and may not be affordable for parents with the current cost crisis.

This is something we can all sign up to. Say goodbye to throwing wipes away right now, it’s a good decision for everyone.