Redecorating your teen’s room? Top tips to follow while on a budget

If your teenager has been begging you for a room upgrade and your budget is what’s been stopping you, we’re here to help. 

We all remember that stage of outgrowing our childhood bedroom full of bright colours and childish cartoon characters, and dreaming of the ultimate teenager room to relax and hangout with friends in. If you have a teen that’s experiencing that now, we have some helpful tips to fulfil their wish of their dream room without having to spend a fortune. 

Check out our top tips below and give your teen the room of their dreams without breaking the bank.  

Plan ahead

Rather than heading straight to the shops and buying what your teen thinks they need, sit down together and plan out exactly what needs to be bought and what bits they already own that can be repurposed. Draw out a room plan so you can see exactly what space you have to work with. Buying a huge floor-length mirror and hanging egg chair will be a waste of money if there’s no space for them in the bedroom.

Mix old & new

Have a sort through of what is already in your teenager’s room with them. Keep anything that doesn't feel too childish to them and have a go at DIY-ing some pieces rather than buying new decorations. If they’re not keen on their hot pink photo frames, repaint them white, or if they don’t want footballs all over their bedside locker anymore, sand it down and repaint it a colour they like to save money on buying a completely new one.

Feature wall

If they’re happy with the colours of their walls then you’re already a step ahead, but if they’re looking for a total makeover, decide on a colour that they will like for years to come. Adding a feature wall adds character to a room without having to buy lots of artwork or prints to cover the blank space. Simply choosing a complimentary colour to the other walls is a simple yet effective way to personalise your teen’s room. If they’re asking for wallpaper but it’s out of your budget, consider doing just an accent wall with wallpaper and paint the rest.

Keep it simple & stylish

Don’t go overboard with lots of trendy themes they’re into now because they will probably outgrow it sooner rather than later. Keeping the main areas like walls and furniture simple will make them timeless and your teen can add personal touches through smaller decor pieces such as cushions, photos and lamps.

Fun bedding 

Letting your teen choose fun bedding with a colour or pattern they love allows them to add their own uniqueness to the room in a cheap and easy way. Rather than buying multiple trinkets and decorations that follow a theme that they like, but are really dust-collectors, let them choose bed sheets and cushions with their own style, whether it be boho, monochromatic, vintage or of their favourite band.