Remote working never smelt so good with these new room sprays by Green Angel

After what seems like a lifetime in lockdown, our living and workspaces need a burst of freshness. Introducing Green Angel fragranced Room Sprays. Available in five sensual varieties these sprays will hit all the right notes with your nostrils, but the essential oils within helps to ease stress, anxiety and encourage restful sleep.

From the Precious Oils Collection, floral-based Neroli is a soothing scent made from distilled petals of the orange blossom tree, it will help melt away those busy days at work. To improve your mood, Jasmine is an exquisite essential oil, while Ylang Ylang aids anxiety and will help when you need some relaxation and proper rest.

We could not forget Green Angel's Signature Scents, White Linen and Lime and Lemongrass fragrances, which are a huge hit with our customers.

The impetus to create the five uplifting Room Sprays was spending so much time at home.

Green Angel Co-Founder Mary Mitchell explained, “Our customers told us that remote work, exercising, cooking, and even adding a four-legged friend to the family, meant that they were contending with a variety of smells all day long at home, some of which were not so pleasant.”

The elegant, fragrant dispensers are conveniently sized. The handy 100ml sprays can be dotted around rooms in the home, carried in a handbag, used in the workplace, or kept in the glove compartment to freshen up the car.

Green Angel Room Sprays are a complementary addition to the Irish brand’s scented candles and fragrant oil diffusers that have become a household essential in the past year, as more of us recognise the need for calming stress relief, relaxation, and renewal.

These beautiful Room Sprays provide a long-lasting subtle perfume and are available on the Green Angel website,,