Richard Osman announces star-studded cast for The Thursday Murder Club movie

Richard Osman has officially announced the cast of The Thursday Murder Club!

Alongside his work in broadcasting, Richard is well-known to many as the author of The Thursday Murder Club series.

The books - of which there is a fifth in the works - follow four friends in a retirement village, as they meet up to investigate unsolved murders.

Amid the first book’s release in 2020, Richard announced that the production company of legendary director Steven Spielberg - Amblin Entertainment - had snapped up the rights to turn the novel into a film.


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Four years on, we finally have some casting news for The Thursday Murder Club!

On the most recent episode of his podcast The Rest Is Entertainment, Richard was able to exclusively confirm the first three cast members for the highly-anticipated crime thriller.

“Elizabeth is going to be played by the person who people most often shout at me in the street as them wanting to play Elizabeth,” he joked, before going on to state: “Elizabeth is going to be played by Helen Mirren, which is very exciting.”


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Announcing his second cast member, the 53-year-old exclaimed: “Ibrahim is Sir Ben Kingsley.”

“Ron is going to be played by - I’m going to say the most handsome man in the world, so he’s going to have to dial himself down a bit,” Richard teased, before concluding: “Ron is going to be played by Pierce Brosnan.”

As for the fourth member of the club, the author noted: “Joyce - we’re still in negotiations, but again, the name is the one that most people shout at me in the street.”


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Richard also went on to spill a few more details about the film’s production.

“We’re filming from end of June through to September. We’re filming the whole thing in England. Chris Columbus is directing,” he confirmed, referring to the Home Alone and Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone director.

“It’s a largely British cast - Pierce Brosnan is Irish, of course - and lots more casting to come in the following weeks,” Richard concluded.

It is hoped that The Thursday Murder Club could arrive in cinemas next year.