Second hand shopping site Thriftify rebrands, giving the e-commerce site a fresh overhaul

Online charity shopping site Thriftify has announced a rebrand (going live today Friday January 28th) which includes an all-round overhaul of the e-commerce site, the branding, visuals and the user experience making it a modern, easy way to shop for second hand finds. The new website and the company’s ongoing growth means it is aiming to generate approximately €3m euro for charities selling on the site in 2022.

Four years since it first launched, Thriftify, which has 98% of Ireland’s charity retailers present and selling on it, is delighted to unveil its rebrand, with €250,000 euro invested into the overhaul of the site in areas such as branding, photography and user experience.

Thriftify is laying the foundation for substantial growth, with economists predicting a massive boom in the second hand fashion economy, with forecasters stating it will triple in value within the next ten years.

As well as giving the site a fresh look, the company has invested in the smart tech behind the site, making the shopping experience more efficient. Shoppers can sort and find gems more easily and browse new categories such as “Designer” and “Vintage”. The overall look of the site is reflective of its target audience, with the planet-conscious, playful and experimental shopper in mind.

New B2C App launch planned for 2022

Thriftify has plans to launch a B2C app this year which will position it alongside the likes of Etsy, Depop and other second hand shopping apps. 2021 saw Thriftify roll out a B2B app, making it easier for charities to start selling donations online in a few easy clicks.

2021 was a remarkable year for the e-comm site, with Thriftify officially launching in the UK too, where it now has 35 charities signed up to it, with big names such as Age UK now present on the site.

Speaking about the rebrand Thriftify CEO and climate activist Rónán Ó’Dálaigh says; “This has been a long time in the planning. We saw the growing demand for opting to buy second hand items because of the growing awareness of the climate change emergency. People who care are now opting to shop preloved. We wanted to make more current and bring our user experience on par with any other major popular shopping website. The new look site is easy on the eye, simple to navigate and makes thrift shopping online a more pleasant experience.”

The team behind Thriftify are hoping this modern overhaul will encourage conscious shoppers to keep returning to the site and enjoy a world-class shopping experience. All items bought on the site are delivered to customers in two to five working days in biodegradable packaging.