She is the moment: 6 moments we lost it over Rachel Greens outfit

Is there a TV style icon that’s more beloved, more copied than the inimitable Rachel Green? From the moment we first saw her rush into the coffee house in her marshmallow of a wedding dress to her sleek little airport outfit when she got off the plane, we’ve had a love affair with her wardrobe to rival Rachel and Ross.

Her style evolution throughout the series has been subject to much speculation over the years, and the debate has raged over which ‘fits are our favourites, so we thought we’d throw our 2 cents in and highlight our top most iconic Ray Ray Green outfits from over the whole ten seasons!

Ah yes, one of Instagram’s most re-created outfits – the 90s plaid skirt and knee-high socks. Worn in the early seasons, this school-girl look is the perfect charming and retro outfit to channel your inner Rachel Green! The turtleneck and little kilt-like skirt is peak early seasons Rachel in its young and feminine look, while the chunky loafers add a little 90s gothic edge. Knee-high socks take it to the next level, making this look easily re-creatable in 2024!


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As much as she was driving Ross crazy in this episode, we all coveted Rachel’s dress in this episode! Pairing perfectly with her warm, caramel colouring, the light sage green and minimalistic design is jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Elegant and simple, it marked a bit of a turning point in Rachel’s style, as she moved form young and fun to a slightly more sophisticated, sleek style, suited to her job at Bloomingdales.

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She even makes athleisure look good! But then again, athleisure in the 90s was super funky and cute. The iconic backwards cap and t-shirt over a long-sleeved top is peak 90s style, and the adorable addition of the plaits is a look we would have loved to have seen more of on her. Being able to style it out like this while keeping busy staying away from the ball is an art form she’s perfected and one we can only hope to aspire to one day!

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Can anyone rock denim like Rachel Green can? We don’t think so! From her cute little denim vests to her iconic dungarees and denim skirts, the looks were perfect for the coffee house to the laundromat to dinner at Monica’s. A 90s staple, denim was made new and cute by Rachel with her chic and cute styling of the material.

While early season Rachel gets plenty of attention and praise for her style, I always feel Rachel’s transformation and adaptation to the 2000s fashion is understated. Her work wear in particular like the above outfit, never failed to hit the mark on chic, sophisticated and also individual, her own twist on trends at the time – and we wouldn’t expect anything less from this style queen! Sheer tights, high boots, a fitted turtleneck and an adorable Burberry pleated skirt we’re keeping an eye out in vintage shops for, we want to recreate this outfit this weekend!

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You know we had to do it! When we look at a style journey, we have to look at all the stages of it! And who among us fashionistas didn’t have a few awkward fashion years? This totally 80s look of Rachel in her late teens never fails to make us laugh, but we’re sure that even in what we consider her unfashionable years, she was on the cutting edge of every trend! The bright and bold leopard print, the big, poofy statement hair and utterly funky, chunky earrings are totally on brand for the 80s.