Study shows 40% of mums prefer their dog to their children most of the time

Dogs are supposed to be a man’s best friend, but everyone knows mums have a special soft spot for their little pups.

Does your mother love the dog more than you? You’ll find you’re not alone in thinking this is true. In fact, according to a poll by, some mothers even admit to showering their dogs with more love than they show their children. 

Nine in ten (90%) claim their dog is part of the family, with nearly half (42%) of British mothers admitting to showing their dog more love and attention than their children!

Another surprising reveal is that 40% of mums admit to liking their dog more than their children most of the time. If you’re a dog mum or a child of a dog mum, this might not come as a shock! After all, a home is not a home without a dog.

This poll also asked mums which dog breed they preferred, and the results may surprise you. Stealing the vote of mother’s hearts is the loyal Labrador. Nearly one in five (18.5%) voted for this breed as their favourite, perhaps for their calm and nurturing being. This is a breed that can be both lazy and energetic, depending on the day!

Taking second place is the German Shepherd, with nearly one in five (9.8%) mums choosing this dog as their favourite. Perhaps chosen for their protective but loving nature, the German Shepherd is, like Lab, a large breed. In third comes the Golden Retriever, with nearly one in ten (8%) mums selecting this breed as their preferred breed.

Other breeds include the Cocker Spaniel (5.2%) in fourth. The English Bulldog and the Border Collie share fifth place, both retaining 4.8% of the mums’ votes. Further down on the list is the Husky, a large and energetic breed with a big need for walkies, as well as the beloved Yorkshire Terrier, Beagle and French Bulldogs.

The top 10 dog breeds are as follows:

1.    Labrador – 18.5%

2.    German Shepherd – 9.8%

3.    Golden Retriever – 8%

4.    Cocker Spaniel – 5.2%

5.    Border Collie - 4.8%

6.    English Bulldog – 4.8%

7.    Husky – 4%

8.    Yorkshire Terrier – 3.8%

9.    Beagle – 3.6%

10.  French Bulldog – 3.2%