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What kind of glasses should my child wear?

Selecting the right pair of glasses for your child is important as they need to be durable but your child also needs to be happy to wear them. 
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How often should my child’s eyes be checked?

Regular eye exams are essential in order to monitor your child's eyesight.
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How old should my child be to wear contact lenses?

In your child's early to mid teens they will often start to express an interest in wearing contact lenses. 
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Can nutrition affect my teen’s eyes?

There are lots of nutrients found in fresh fruit and vegetables that are essential in maintaining good eye health.
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How can colour blindness be tested?

Colour blindness is usually hereditary and occurs most often in males. If there is a family history of colour blindness than an eye test is important.
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Are there any contact lenses which I can sleep in?

You should speak to your optician about extended wear contact lenses.
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Are there different types of conjunctivitis?

There are three main types of conjunctivitis all of which can be treated easily.
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How often should I get my eyes tested?

Regular eye exams are important at any age and are critical for detecting any changes to sight or underlying problems. 
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