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All about sex during and after pregnancy, and what contraception to use and when.

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Sex after pregnancy: what are the risks of having sex before my six week post-natal check up?

There are some very good reasons that you would want to avoid sexual intercourse.
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What is a vasectomy and is it safe?

If both you and your partner agree that a vasectomy is the type of birth control you want to have, then talk to your doctor about giving you a referral to someone who can perform the vasectomy for you - this should be someone who has performed at least 100 vasectomies. With an experienced doctor you will experience less pain and discomfort.
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I was told that anal sex after childbirth can be dangerous. What should I know before I try it?

Both vaginal and anal sex are not recommended shortly after childbirth. Your body needs time to heal and that means avoiding any type of strain.
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Will my vagina stay stretched out after delivery?

Your vagina will naturally shrink after delivery, as your body heals, but whether it returns to its original size, depends on a number of factors.
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Will my menstrual cycle be regular while I'm breastfeeding?

Your menstrual cycle usually starts towards the end of your breastfeeding phase, but how regular it is once it is back varies from woman to woman.
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Will it hurt the first time I have sex after having my baby?

It is not uncommon for women to experience pain and discomfort during sex, for the first couple of months after having a baby.
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How effective is the Breastfeeding Method of birth control?

The delaying effect that breastfeeding has on the return of normal menstruation has an effect on fertility and can be considered as a method of contraception – although it is not a very reliable one.
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