Give a unique Christmas gift this year with this kids personalised recipe book

Caitriona Mc Elroy is the founder and CEO of The company started in the summer of 2021 out of her love for cooking and her work with children in schools and community settings. Cooking has always been a central focus of the activities she has co-ordinated for the children in the programmes. It is an activity that is very nurturing and not only teaches life skills it also develops relationships, social skills and confidence with the bonus of being a lot of fun as well.

Reading recipes also incorporates literacy and numeracy skills in a fun way.  The aim of is to provide the customer with a very special gift that not only makes people feel special but teaches them an important Life skill.  Caitriona says from her experience “Most young people of all ages love cooking. It is a good activity to do with young people. You get to spend quality time with them, have fun, learn new skills and build confidence. Finally, you get to enjoy eating the food. Spending time with children is so important at all stages of their development. You are not only getting them off their gadgets but you are connecting with them in a meaningful way, getting to know what’s going on in their lives.”

The idea for came to Caitriona from a present that she created for her cousin who has down syndrome and loves cooking.  She created a picture step by step recipe book for him of simple everyday recipes. She added lots of different messages to him. He often tells her that he uses his recipe book and how much he loves looking at the pictures whilst cooking his favourite meals.  The book is not just a gift it’s a very personal bespoke keepsake.

There are 27 simple recipes in the book, divided into 3 sections. Snacks, dinners and treats. Each of the recipes contain a photo of the equipment and ingredients needed and clear photos of each step of the instruction that helps the young person through each step of the recipe.  

You can personalise the front page, inside front page, back page and inside back page with your own photos and personal messages. You can also make your cover super cool by adding fancy backgrounds and clip art images tailor made to the interests of the child in question.

The initial reaction from customers has been excellent and positive comments have included highlights such as:

  • A beautiful present to give any young person. Not only useful but thoughtful as well.
  • Really clear photos. Book is very appealing to young people, very colourful.
  • Website is simple to use. Very easy to create a beautiful design
  • Young people were thrilled having their photo on the front cover and loved their little messages
  • Encourages young people to get cooking
  • Encourages healthy eating

Why not give someone you know a unique gift that not only helps them develop an important life skill but also makes them feel extra special.

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