Bringing your children to the hospital to meet their newest sibling for the first time is always full of excitement and nerves.  


You don't know how they will react, the emotions range from over excited toddlers to worried little munchkins. 


But mostly the moments are special and unique to your family. 



So when Alisha and Zach let us share in their joy we were overwhelmed. 


Their children, Wyatt and Zoey, were meeting their newborn brother Sawyer for the first time, and we're emotional wrecks. 


Zach introduces the siblings, and while Wyatt is clearly excited, Zoey is a little apprehensive.



Nonetheless, after watching the newborn have a bath and seeing Wyatt hold him, the tot begins to warm to her new brother, giving him a special pat on the head. 


If ever a video gave you so many feels, this is it.