This time last month, eleven-year-old Sara Orrick had hair down to the small of her back - but she has since chopped it all off, resulting in adorable bob. 


Sara's nine-year old little sister, Jorgia, came home from school recently, crying, because she had been bullied in school for having short hair - rude. 


Sara, being the coolest big sister ever, decided that she would cut her hair in support of her sister, in order to show the bullies that short hair is as beautiful as long hair. 


Noell Shore, the hair stylist behind Sara's new 'do, spoke to Yahoo Beauty about the little girl's brave act of solidarity: “I’ve known the girls’ mother Amy since elementary school, and she called me recently and asked if I would cut Sara’s long hair.”



The hair stylist continued, explaining that the eleven-year-old knew exactly what kind of cut she wanted, and directed the entire look herself.


"She created the entire look. She spoke with her hands and said, ‘I want this piece of hair to swirl around the back of my head’ and ‘I want it cut here.’ All I did was carve it.”


Sara also explained to Noell that she was ready for a change, and had no doubts in her mind about ditching her long locks: 


 “She said she was ready for a change herself, and she wanted to defend Jorgia from the boys who were mean." What a superstar! 


Noell took to Instagram to share images of this brave little lady, who looks absolutely gorgeous with her new, short hair. 



The post on Instagram shows a posed black ad white image of Sara, modelling her new style, with the caption: "And here is Sara's after! She said, ' nobody bullies my little sister. And I don't get why girls with short hair are made fun of'


"This girl is fierce and totally rocking her short hair! Two weeks ago, it was to the small of her back. Her younger sister was being bullied for her short hair, so Sara cut hers to show her love and support! She's so rad!"


We are loving Sara's ability to take a stand against bullies, and support her little sister in the process. 


What an amazing young girl!