Spencer Matthews admits truth behind his sudden I’m A Celebrity departure

Spencer Matthews has finally revealed the truth about his sudden exit from I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

In 2015, the former Made In Chelsea star was announced as part of that year’s lineup for the hit ITV reality show.

However, just days into the series, Spencer was pulled from the show due to taking steroids.

Now, almost 10 years on, Spencer has opened up about the events that led him to leave I’m A Celeb.

The 35-year-old appeared on the Daily Mail’s ‘Everything I Know About Me’ podcast, during which he stated that he doesn’t count himself as a former contestant “because I wasn't really. Like I wasn't able to.”

“I was looking forward to that so much, and I wanted it so badly because it is bang up my street. Being in that Jungle, I wouldn't have cared about any of the challenges, I would have absolutely loved it and would have been able to play a really good role,” he explained.

Credit: ITV

Spencer went on to recall that he had organised to take part in a boxing fight after his jungle stint. He started taking Anvar, an anabolic steroid that can have serious side effects and withdrawal symptoms.

“I declared that I had this Anavar, they said it was fine to take. They gave it to me in the jungle, having declared it. On the second or third day they pulled me to one side and they said, ‘You brought illegal drugs into the country - we didn't realize that Anavar was illegal [in Australia],’” the reality star revealed.

“I said, ‘Cool, let's throw it in the bin.’ And they said, ‘No, pulling you off these drugs could cause withdrawal. And we wouldn't know how you'd react. So we're gonna have to pull you from the show,’” he added.

Before he was officially removed, Spencer was isolated while producers made their decision.

“I was just crying my eyes out, completely deflated, knowing that all the time that passed, they wouldn't really be able to put me back in because I've not been in there. It's cheating, essentially,” he concluded.