Sprucing up for spring: The Insta DIY home projects that are totally manageable

There’s nothing like the spring season to get us in the mood for giving our homes a fresh look. We run around like mad yokes, cleaning and dusting and airing out the whole place to get that ‘new season’ feeling.

It’s out with the old and in with the new – but as we look around our (super tidy) space, sometimes in the clear spring light everything can look a little…shabby.

Interior of cozy studio with bed and couch decorated with vintage furniture and vinyl records

Over the years there’s natural wear and tear to our homes, but sometimes we just get sick of staring the same four walls. The paint colour you used to adore now irritates you every time you catch sight of it, the chic vintage table in the hallway now looks old-fashioned rather than retro…it’s the small things that can ruin a space for you.

Which is why it’s the small things that can totally spruce it up again! You’d be amazed how changing a small detail here and there can help make your home feel fresher and it’s super easy with our favourite DIY ideas from all the best Insta DIYers!

A little varnish can go a long way! Sometimes we just need a little help seeing the potential of our own pieces that we already own. Upcycling is all the rage now and with pieces like this gorgeous ladder shelf getting a chic and modern update, we’re excited to look around our own homes and see what we can give a little refresh to!

A simple coat of varnish on the shelf itself and primer and paint on the stand gives this gorgeous modern matte effect that will blend seamlessly into a bathroom, bedroom, or even as storage in the kitchen or living room!

Feeling a little ‘bleh’ about your kitchen at the moment? Maybe a pop of colour of interesting detail is exactly what it needs to get a new lease of life! It can be tempting to keep our kitchens neutral and calm spaces, but none of that pops without a little bit of pattern, texture of colour to offset it!

This stencil tile faux backsplash is the cutest and simplest idea that we’ve come across to give a whole new look to a room. So easy and affordable, all you really need is a steady hand!

Big statement art is one of the biggest trends of the last few years and we’re utterly obsessed with eh textured paintings that came in last year. Neutral, slick and suuuuuper expensive-looking, these massive framed artworks can cost a bit of a bomb – so a DIY on how to make one yourself is a must-watch!

Starting with a huge piece of plywood, it becomes transformed simply by adding a frame and spackling on leftover joint compound to give that gorgeous, simplistic, textured look. An amazing statement piece for nay home that loves their neutrals, this is a 10/10 DIY for us!