Want to try out some easy, home-upgrading art this weekend? Get crafty!

Is anyone else feeling crafty?

My absolute favourite thing at the minute is scrolling through social media to find new DIY homeware, furniture upcycling and self-builds - these people are so creative!

There's a really nice sense of achievement to these projects, which is probably what draws me in. In a satisfying 30 second video, a piece of old junk gets turned into a glam and retro drinks trolley, a kitchen is magically installed and styled, a living room is transformed from dark and uninviting to cosy and chic - so satisfying.

Assorted-color Artwork Equipment Set

The trouble is, these DIY handy people are all so crafty and good with their hands - something I am not. But I felt so inspired by these people and the need to change my surroundings at least a little that I started to look at smaller projects - less ripping out my kitchen and more feng shui-ing the living room. One thing I came across was people making their own art - now that was something I could do. 

I had a snoop on some of the best projects I'd seen and decided to share some of my finds; these are simple and easy to follow along with projects that anyone could make a stab at. Chic, uncomplicated and looks good in most spaces, these art pieces will give your space an upgrade without the drastic DIY headaches. 

Classy and textured art is the new 'in' thing. Neutral and natural colours are the main palettes being seen around homes at the moment, so art that is simple and relaxing is popular as it blends in with the comforting surroundings. Kelsie's piece is textured and seems to be using some sort of oil paint as a base layer, as that allows her to build the bumpy and rough canvas. The paints she layers over that seems to be the leftover samples of paints she has used on the interior walls of her house. Brushing them lightly over the canvas and letting them bleed into one another creates an ombré effect that is soothing and calm. 

Anita's more statement piece is still simplistic, but has a stronger look that Kelsie's calm neutrals. The blocky art is easy to do and looks modern, stylish and intriguing. 

The final product works well against a neutral background but the simplicity of the design and colours means it will tie in well with most colour palettes. This kind of pattern - simple, chic blacks and whites - are going to be big for the next year or so, with abstract outlines and shapes like these cropping up everywhere from the beauty world to the fashion world. 

If 3D art is more you're kind of thing and you're looking for something that's easy to make but is a striking tabletop or display piece, then Sara's structure could be your DIY project for this week. Using tinfoil, clay, a nail, paper and a block of wood. I can't tell if she's painted it or not from the steps in the video, but she seems to have achieved a sort of marbled and granite kind of look in the clay, with veins and splashes of a cool neutral grey tone. Classy, interesting and unique, no one will have picked up something like this in TK Maxx!

These stunning pieces from No. 11 The Greenhouse's renovation project are seriously stunning and are definitely top of my list to try this weekend. The, again, simple but effective colouring makes them standout pieces, full of depth. Easy enough to render a version yourself, mix up colours and shapes to suit the feel of your house. Though I will say, that brick red accent in the top photo is to die for. What I really notice here is the frames - that finishing touch gives them a rustic feel that instantly makes them look a) professional and b) retro. 


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Abstract not your thing? Triz's minimalistic art could be right up your alley. Not too fussy and full of clean, simple lines, this colourful palette can be adapted to work in any home. Natural and artistic and full of dreamy tones, the cleaner you keep a print like this, the more professional it looks. 


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Trish's artwork is similar to the look that The Greenhouse was going for, but this time on a larger scale. Again we see that beautiful rusty red colour, this time seen in an oil paint to create the almost folded texture, that looks like layered crepe paper rather than paint. Against the warm white, it creates an abstract and bold print and the relaxed lines and style of painting is offset again with those stunning wooden frames - the framing is such an important detail. 

Jaimie K's look is perfect if you're handy enough - or have someone who's willing to help you to be handy. Her wooden archways create depth and draw the eye in any room. She too works in neutrals, and once the carpentry part is finished the actual painting itself is actually pretty simple. This is another style we'll be seeing everywhere soon, with archways and faux-archways like Jaimie's becoming a staple for the interior designer. 

Leisa's designs are all about keeping it simple and keeping it textured. Both pieces featured above are actually table mats and have just been framed - and framed well - to give them that chic, unusual interior designed look. Adding a neutral background allows it to speak for itself, and they look fab as part of a gallery wall look.