Strictly’s Zara McDermott shares health update on cat & reveals diagnosis amid illness

Zara McDermott has shared a health update on her beloved cat Cedric. 

The former Love Island star shares Cedric, and another cat named Albus, with her boyfriend, former Made in Chelsea star Sam Thompson. 

Earlier this week, Zara revealed Cedric became ill and had to be rushed to an emergency animal hospital.

Sharing the good news that Cedric is now home from the animal hospital, Zara revealed what caused her cat to be so unwell and explained his diagnosis. 

Posting a video of herself talking to her 2M Instagram followers with her cat in the background of the footage, the 27-year-old revealed, “So many of you have been asking for an update on our little baby Cedric. He’s just laying here, bless him, with his little shaved tummy”.

“Honestly, he was a bit traumatised, I’m not gonna lie. But, he’s feeling a bit better now. He’s definitely very sleepy and wants a lot of rest”. 

“So the diagnosis is that he has something called neutrophilic/ bacterial cholangitis, which is an inflammatory liver disease and he’s also got a lot of inflammation in his gallbladder, his bile ducts. You could see it all on the ultrasounds that they did on him. He’s got a lot of inflammation. His liver is not looking all that lovely at the moment”.

Unveiling more footage of Cedric laying down in her living room, Zara continued, “But I think with time, and he’s on a month’s course of antibiotics, he’s also on some liver support drugs. So he will be feeling better I hope very soon. You know, he’s not doing too badly”. 

Last night, the Strictly Come Dancing star shared a snap of the sweet moment she got to bring her pet home. 

Credit: Zara McDermott Instagram

She confessed, “Felt so emotional picking up my boy after a week apart. Haven’t got a purr yet but I’m hoping tomorrow he’ll be feeling more himself after a good nights sleep”.

When first opening up about her cat’s illness earlier this week, Zara explained, “My heart is breaking into a million pieces at the moment. Just before the weekend while I was away working, Sam woke up our little man unresponsive and super hot. So he was rushed to the vets and then he was rushed to an emergency animal hospital”.