Sustainable shopping! Mr. Prices new eco range is coming to a store near you soon

When it comes to environmental matters, no one is perfect. We can't all be living our most sustainable lives all the time, because frankly, life would be a lot more complicated if we did. Sustainability can be time-consuming and something we guiltily avoid talking about, because there's a fear of being called out for the little things in our lives that we're all guilty of doing.

However, the just because we can’t do everything doesn’t mean that the small actions that we take to protect the environment are any less important. Those are  the little practices and habits that we can build into our routines and lives that won't take up our whole day, will make a difference to our consumption and can help us feel a little better about doing our part for the planet.

Collection of organic soaps and bamboo toothbrushes in ceramic minimalism style holder placed near renewable glass bottle with essential oil on white marble tabletop against beige wall

Irish discount retailer Mr Price are now stocking a range of eco-friendly products to help us make those small changes. The importance of eco-friendly products couldn’t be greater and Mr Price have made these items easily available to their customers in their 60 stores nationwide and on their online store There is a large range of products to choose from and all at super affordable prices.

They are stocking bamboo toothbrushes, bamboo reusable coffee cups, biodegradable eco straws, reusable produce bags, reusable make up remover bamboo pads, the list goes on. Marketing Director Laura Blighe commented, “We have noticed the growing consumer demand for these products, and we wanted to offer them to our customers at an affordable price, as these items can be expensive.”

Pick up a 3 pack of bamboo toothbrushes for just €1.49 to make your selfcare routine that bit more eco-friendly.

Their plastic-free compostable plates, bowls and trays perfect for picnics and parties with 10 pack just €1.49!

With these 3 pack organic cotton produce bags coming in at just €3.99, there’s no excuse not to use them! These are things that lots of us have started using anyway, but there are times that we forget to bring them along which is always frustrating. A handy way to try to remember them is to have your reusable bags in the boot of your car or rolled up in your handbag so that it's easy to pack away!

The range of eco-friendly products now stocked in Mr Price helps customers make small eco conscious changes that won’t cost a fortune.