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Mum Jessica was driving along the road when her teen son Javen Harris asked her to pull over.


It turns out he had spotted a homeless woman and wanted to do his bit to help her out. As he wasn’t hungry himself, he grabbed the four sandwiches and four bags of crisps from his schoolbag and gave them to “someone who needed them more.”


Speaking to WAPT News, 17-year-old Javen said: “I have plenty of food at home, she has nothing.”


And while he didn’t do it for the glory, Javen was touched by what the woman said in response to his kind gesture.


“She said ‘God bless you in your heart,’ and that was one of the biggest things that warmed my heart.”


His mum is undoubtedly proud of her boy, but Javen credits her with his big heart.


“She told me to always be kind to others and do unto others as you want done to yourself,” he said. “Everyone deserves help, and I hope this makes people realise that.”


Since Jessica uploaded to Facebook the photo of her son carrying out his kind gesture, it has gone viral, touching hearts around the world. Check him out below.



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