As any mums knows, family life is far from dull. In fact, sometimes it can be downright chaotic!

From tumbling tots and adventurous teens, there’s no shortages of bumps and bruises to tend to on a daily basis.

But how much do we know about the bruises which are caused by everyday knocks, bumps and falls throughout our lives?

As often as we see and care for them, do we know why they’re caused, how they develop and which danger signs to look for?

Schooling yourself on these important issues and stocking up on every mum's failsafe herbal remedy, Nelson's arnicare Arnica Cream, is important if you have an accident prone gang or adventurous clan at home!

So, what exactly is a bruise?
A bruise is caused when an impact ruptures small blood vessels under the skin allowing blood to escape and build up forming a discolouration.

Why do bruises tend to hurt?

Nerve endings within the affected tissue detect the increased pressure and depending on severity and location, may be perceived as pain or pressure. Minor bruises may not hurt at all.

Are some people more prone to bruising?

A bruise can form on any skin tone but tend to show up more on those with fairer skin. As we get older our skin gets thinner and the tissue underneath is more fragile so we bruise more easily. Toddlers and younger children tend to have lots of superficial bruises because of their busy, active lifestyles.


What is the life cycle of a bruise?

Bruises follow a rainbow of colours as they heal. They begin a purple or blue colour then change over time to green, yellow and eventually brown. They tend to fade slowly over a couple of weeks.

Should I ever be concerned about a bruise?

You should also pay a visit to your GP if you have any concerns about your bruise, if you suddenly get lots of bruises or begin to bruise for no reason.

How can I help a bruise clear up?

To limit the bleeding you can try cooling the area with a flannel soaked in cold water or an ice pack wrapped in a towel. And try applying Nelsons arnicare Arnica Cream to help treat bruises resulting from injuries, knocks and falls.