With confirmations and communions becoming ever the lucrative affair for children, it’s always nice to see them spend their money wisely.


But some children can go above and beyond, and really put their money to good use like Drew Frank.


The 13-year-old from Texas received over $25,000 in gifts for his bar mitzvah and decided there was no better purchase than a pair of new shows.



But not just one pair of shoes, 800 pairs of Nike trainers.


Starting the campaign “Drew’s Sneaker Giveaway” using the hashtag #JustDrewIt, Drew gave 800 pairs of trainers away to elementary school and other children who were not able to afford their own shoes.



“I’m giving sneakers to these kids who may otherwise not have new sneakers,” Drew said of his incredibly kind gesture to UPI.


“They just get shoes that have been passed down from generation to generation. I just wanted to give back to these kids who are less fortunate than me.”