The Daly Dish shares her ultimate stress-free turkey tips

We've always known we loved Gina Daly (The Daly Dish) but then she goes and shares her top tips for roasting the Christmas turkey which involves short cuts, Magic Bags and tasty turkey and we fall in love with all over again.  Karol is a lucky guy!  

Here is Gina's secret (not so secret) recipe for success to avoid a stress-free Christmas Day. 


1 Magic Oven Bag
Rolled turkey joint (I used this for convenience)
Fresh rosemary
Fresh thyme
1 tbsp rapeseed oil
1 tbsp lemon pepper
1 tbsp plain flour


Open up the Magic Oven Bag and add the flour, give it a good shake to coat all the inside of the bag.
Pop it onto a baking tray, then add your joint, brush with the oil and season with the lemon pepper.
Then add in the fresh herbs (rosemary & thyme).
Next you need to close up the bag using the plastic tie included.
Once tied cut slits in the top of the bag to release any air during cooking.  
Pop into the oven (cooking times will vary depending on the weight of your joint) making sure the bag doesn’t touch the side of the oven.
Once cooked leave to rest and cut open the bag.
Remove the joint and empty any juices into a pot to make the most delicious gravy.
Carve and enjoy with some seasonal veggies (which can also be cooked using the same method and herbs as above), some herby stuffing, a drizzle of hot gravy and a cold glass of bubbly.