It can often be a struggle to find skin care products that don't contain harsh chemicals.


This can be even more difficult when trying to care for skin during puberty.


Well, our prayers have been answered by another mum who is behind the Organic Young (Oy!) skin products.




When Charlotte Vøhtz's baby daughter, Sandra was suffering from eczema and skin conditions, she needed an effective but natural skin care product.


However, the availability of these products were few and far between. 


In a desperate need of organic, gentle skin solutions, Charlotte founded Green People in 1997.



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As Sandra has reached to her teens, her skin requirements have changed.


Ten years on, Charlotte has met this need with the birth of Oy! 


Being a pre-teen or teenager can be challenging with the changing hormones.


Oy aims to give your teenager one less concern and restore their skin confidence!


Charlotte uniquely devised the range for teenagers as she kept Sandra in mind when determining exactly what their skin's needs are.




She quickly realised there was nothing that offered the organic credentials alongside products that teens would aesthetically use.


Oy is also an excellent way to get your tweens and teens into establishing a daily skin routine.


Which you will know is crucial for maintaining healthy skin later on in life.


Organic People understands the importance of daily routines and offers products which care, protect and nurture developing skin.



It is certified organic and cruelty-free which is perfect for tweens, teens and those with troublesome skin. 


The range is affordable and includes products such as Wash & Cleanser, a Moisturiser, a Super Serum and a Cover and Clear Concealer.  


Each product is designed to tackle teenage troubles, such as removing impurities, regulating sebum and refreshing young skin.



The Super Serum strives to defeat spots and blemishes, whilst the Clear Skin Blemish Concealer targets your teen's temptation to squeeze those spots. 


It can treat even acne-prone skin as it treats and conceals the spot, whilst reducing redness and inflammation.


The tea tree extract is the secret ingredient which focuses on eradicating blemishes whilst green tea extract soothes and calms inflamed skin.


Organic Young offers you peace of mind that your teen's skin is being professionally cared for ingredients from nature.


Give your teenager the gift of skin confidence with Oy and they will be thanking you in years to come.