The Ungraceful Guide to…Parenting!

Once, twice, three times ungraceful!’ That’s right, baby Ungraceful Guide is here! Wanderlusters, Katie Hogan and Luke Gibney – the duo that make up The Ungraceful Guide – have finally given birth to their baby!

They confirmed the news on their Instagram Stories last night, as Luke gave their 39K followers an exciting update.

"Delighted to say our lil legend arrived on Sunday morning and came home on Tuesday afternoon," the new dad revealed, adding, "Mammy and baby are fantastic."

"We're elated and our little baby bubble is full of love as we settle into our new life as three. Looking forward to introducing you all soon but for now we're gonna enjoy all the baby smells, sh**ty nappies and adorable coos," Luke lovingly wrote.

This has been one of the most fun pregnancy journeys to watch this year, with the couple’s trademark humour and exotic locations colouring their update posts. They first announced that they were expecting back in June with a hilarious but touching post, announcing that they were about to embark on their ‘greatest adventure’. They tell followers that they were surprised to realise Katie was pregnant while they travelled between India and Thailand, joking that their child was already used to their unpredictable life of travelling.

They gave an update on how Katie was feeling in the first few weeks, saying ‘So far preggo life has been bliss, now 14 weeks, it seems Luke's pregnancy sympathy symptoms are more intense than Katie's actual pregnancy.’

The couple announced that they were due in November and were under the care of the Doctors and staff at Koh Lanta Hospital. They confided that they hoped to ‘make it home so baby can put its lil toesies on Irish soil first’. They stayed in Koh Lanta for five months, before returning to Ireland at the end of August.

On the 19th of November the couple shared an update on their wait for  baby’s arrival, sharing the frustration and excitement they felt as they passed their due date: We’ve been taking this opportunity to completely chill out and enjoy the last short while as two + bump.’ They joked about the various old wives’ tales that they tried out in order to make the baby arrive, including eating pineapple, taking baths and ball-bouncing to sucking on chili flakes and hot sauce, dancing and massages’.

In an uncharacteristically serious moment they ask followers to ‘light a candle for us’ but then quickly returned to their usual program of light-hearted banter, saying that they hoped that their child would ‘stop being as laid back as its Daddy and as stubborn as its Mammy and come join us’.

The couple have been travelling together for over 2 years. Luke had previously been working as a customer service advisor and both felt unfulfilled with their current situation. They felt something was still missing and were constantly asking themselves ‘so what next?’ That discontent found its antidote: travel. The pair have explored Asia and South America for the last few years and seem to have no intention of slowing down! We can’t wait to see how their new baby will feature in their next set of travels!