In some ways, Jamie-Marie Genito is like any other nine-year-old in many ways. She goes to school everyday, she likes playing with toys, she enjoys hanging out with her friends. 


But when she gets home, things are very different. That's because the little girl helps care for her mum Helen Genito, who has Multiple Sclerosis. 


Jamie-Marie from Melbourne, Australia is now her mum's sole carer, after her dad passed away when she was just two years old.


While Jamie-Marie doesn't have to do everything a carer would normally do, she has a lot more on her plate than most kids. She helps around the house, folding clothes, washing the dishes and "picking up my clothes so mum doesn't trip over them."


Despite the fact that she's already doing plenty to help her mum out, little Jamie-Marie wants to help other sufferers too.




"When I grow up, I want to maybe be a teacher, teaching people about MS," she told Daily Mail Australia. "Or possibly being a doctor to make mum better."


While mum Helen is grateful to have her little one's help, she's adamant that it won't affect the child's future.


"It's a big weight on her shoulders," she said. "I've told her 'finish year 12 and you can do anything you want. Whatever you decide then.'"


Helen was diagnosed with MS soon after her daughter was born. After her husband passed away, she said she had plenty of support systems in place but that "now Jamie-Marie has overtaken all of that."


While Jamie-Marie (snapped below with her beloved dad) likes helping her mum out, she admits that it can be tough sometimes.



"Being a carer it puts a lot of responsibility on you, knowing that there's nothing to fall back on," she said. 


Yet, Jamie-Marie is about to take on even more. 


She is set to participate in the MS Walk and Fun Run, which raises money for MS research.


"My mum means my whole life to me, without her I wouldn't be myself," she said. "If we raise enough money, there'll be a treatment and I want mum to get better."


Aww. How incredible is this little girl? And so mature. We wish her and her mum the very best. 


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