This easy lemon zest asparagus risotto is the perfect spring dish for you

Is anyone else starting to feel a bit of springiness in the air? The birds are twittering away in the trees, shoots are starting to push up through the earth and the dark cloud of winter seems to be slowly receding. 

Either way, I've been inspired to try some fresh and light spring recipes and finish up with the heavy, wintry fare that I've been making the last while. I was looking for something with a bit of oomph and something that would be super tasty, when I came across this stunning risotto recipe. 

Bursting with green veggies, bright, citrusy hints of lemon and fluffy, herb-infused rice, it seemed like the perfect spring treat for this bright and cheery week!

asparagus on chopping board


1 lemon

400g risotto rice

2 bunches of asparagus, chopped

1 can peas

Salt and pepper

Olive oil

2 shallots

2 cloves garlic

100ml white wine

200ml vegetable broth

Parmigiano reggianno

1 bunch parsley

White Ceramic Plate With Green and Yellow Dish

Set a pot of water boiling on a medium heat and use it to steam chopped asparagus. Set the asparagus aside in a bowl of ice water once cooked to prevent it from going soggy.

Add olive oil to a pan over a medium heat and add chopped shallots and diced garlic to the pan, Allow them to saute for two to three minutes before adding risotto rice.

Person Holding Knife Slicing Green Vegetable

Allow it to toast there for a couple of minutes before adding your wine and then gradually adding your vegetable broth. Keep stirring it in until the rice is al dente and the sauce has a creamy texture to it. 

Removing your asparagus from the ice water, add it to the pan along with your peas. 

Grate lemon zest over the pan before squeezing in the juice of the full lemon. Season with salt and pepper and chopped parsley.

Serve with freshly grated parmegiano and viola! The perfect springy dish to boost your weekend!

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