Another day, another hilarious viral video sweeping the Internet. 


We all know the struggle that comes with toilet-training our little ones... the screaming, crying and THE MESS. 



Stacia Wright (our hero) decided to write a song that would help her little daughter learn to "go potty" on her own. 



The mum-of-two posted a video of her precious little girl singing "The potty song" and dancing along.


We warn you... it's one catchy tune. 



"This potty training has made me delirious I think . . . so my trainee and I made up this new random silly potty song — and she loves it! Now only if she would actually follow the instructions" captioned the post. 



The video has been viewed 1.2 million times since it was uploaded four weeks ago, and has been shared over 800 times.


Stacia... BRAVO! 


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