If left up to our little ones their bedroom would just get messier and messier every day, not because they prefer it this way, usually because they are too lazy to actually spend 30 minutes or so cleaning it.


This means that Mum has to don her cleaning gloves and black bags and head in there to tackle ‘the situation’ herself.


Once in there, the following nine things will no doubt run through your mind at least once:


‘Oh dear, where to begin?’

Sometimes the mess can be so overwhelming that knowing where to begin is the biggest hurdle. Think small and you’ll get through it, we promise!


‘I should be making them do this’

You should, but you know you won’t! It’s definitely easier to do these things on your own than with a stroppy child who would prefer to be outside in the rain than cleaning.


‘Why me?!’

If the mess doesn’t really bother your kids or, in fact, your other half, you will no doubt find yourself questioning why it annoys you so much. Sometimes you wish you could turn a blind eye and instead be soaking up the sun like the rest of the family.


‘Next week, I’m doing a proper clean out’

Half way through your motivation will no doubt start to wear thin, and you will start to look for ways to get out of it. Next week is when you will do a proper clean out, you promise yourself!


‘Is it bad if I throw this away?’

They have so many toys, surely they won’t notice if they are ‘missing’ one little teddy? Will they?!


‘That’s it, no more toys ever again’

By now you have hit your cleaning limit and you are frustrated at the sheer amount of toys they have that simply have nowhere to go.


‘Why are these toys so tiny?’

Whoever makes toys that are so small you need a magnifying glass to see them doesn’t have children...


‘Another piece of Lego!’

The magic Lego that appears in every corner you look in will never be fully cleared away – it’s time to face the facts!


‘Am I being overdramatic if I cry?’

No, you’re not - sometimes a good cry is the only way to get through a clear up without feeling like you are losing your mind!