Falling and hitting or breaking a tooth is all too common in active toddlers.  Here’s what to do when it happens.
First, you should make sure that there are no other injuries to their face such as a bump to the head or an eye injury. If there is bleeding from the mouth, use wet gauze to apply pressure to the gums until the bleeding stops.
Check the tooth for cracks or breaks. If there are no visible signs of damage to the tooth, chances are that your child merely hit the tooth and pushed it into the gums causing the bleeding. As long as the tooth is not very loose, you should not have to visit a dentist.
If there are signs of a crack or a chip but your child is not having pain, schedule an appointment to have the dentist take a look. If your child is in pain from a cracked or chipped tooth, get them into the dentist right away. A nerve could be exposed in the broken tooth and would require immediate action.