TOWIE’s Billie Faiers reveals one of her children helped her name baby Margot

Billie Faiers has revealed the story behind baby Margot’s name!

The former star of The Only Way Is Essex gave birth to her third child, a baby girl, on December 2.

A few days after her birth, Billie and her husband Greg Shepherd then revealed that they had decided to name their baby girl Margot. 

Now, the 32-year-old mum has finally shared the decision behind her daughter’s adorable name!

Speaking to OK!, the mum-of-three confirmed that it was actually one of her children who chose the name Margot.

“When I was pregnant, Nelly was the one who suggested it,” Billie revealed. "She said, ‘Mummy, if we have a girl, shall we call her Margot?’ And then it just stuck.” 

The TOWIE star also elaborated that baby Margot’s name has deep connections rooted in her family. “My great-nan was called Margot and Suzanne is her middle name after my mum,” Billie beamed.

Billie also recalled the moment that eight-year-old Nelly and five-year-old Arthur got to meet their younger sibling for the very first time. The duo arrived at the hospital around an hour after Margot was welcomed into the world.

“I wanted to tell them she was a girl,” Billie exclaimed, remembering the occasion. “They came in and met her and their reactions were just priceless. They couldn’t believe it. They were so cute and happy,” she gushed.

Candidly, Billie admits that the family’s newborn journey has been far from smooth. “With Arthur being the youngest, we always kind of expected [jealousy] a little bit. He’s being a bit smothering and it’s all for my attention,” she explained.

“I’ll be pottering around and he’ll be over her and breathing on her and looking at me out of the corner of his eye,” she added.

However, Nelly and Arthur are still trying to fulfill their duties as helpful older siblings. “Arthur, bless him, he’s really good at helping out,” Billie praised. “Whereas Nelly can be a bit like, ‘Oh, am I a slave now?’ But then Nelly’s really good with Margot and can hold her and walk about with her now,” she detailed.

We’re happy to hear that the family-of-five have been adjusting well!