If you’re dreading the day ahead, then we have exactly what you need to perk you up – a reminder of how incredible the miracle of life is!


A video showing a baby ‘walking’ just minutes after being born has gone completely viral, amazing millions of people all over the world.


The incredible footage was shared to Facebook over the weekend, by one Arlete Arantes. In it, the newborn tot is seen flexing its legs and taking steps across a counter, while holding on to a doctor’s arm for support.


“This is amazing. A baby walks just after being born,” reads the caption, while the doctor’s head-shaking confirms that this truly is a unique phenomenon.


The video is making waves across the internet today, garnering 72 million views and counting on Facebook.


Judging by the comments, however, this isn’t such a rarity – indeed, several parents took to the comment section to share their own similar accounts.



“Jaxon was the same – he was pushing on his feet straight after he was born. He’s always been strong,” wrote one mother, tagging a family member.


Plenty of others were in total awe over the footage, with one adding: “Oh my God, bless this child – strong baby.”


This is just the latest piece of post-birth footage to amaze people all over the world in recent times.


Earlier this month, a video of a baby being ‘unwrapped’ from its amniotic sac was posted across social media, leaving millions of people in awe.


The video was captured just after an en caul birth, meaning the baby was still within its amniotic sac. After showing the baby’s limbs moving within the sac, the doctor gently ‘unwraps’ the thin membrane to give the baby its first breath from the outside world.


The footage, which was originally shared to Instagram, documents an extremely rare phenomenon that is said to occur in just one in 80,000 births.


These videos make for truly incredible viewing. Has anything similar ever happened to you, either during or after your births, mums? We would love to hear! Be sure to let us know about the experiences that left you in awe, in the comment section below.