Under the sea: IKEA’s latest collection, playfully explores life under the ocean

IKEA believes in the power of play, and this can be seen through the vibrant new collection BLÅVINGAD, which has been inspired by the ocean. Consisting of textiles, soft toys and games, the range has been designed to inspire interest about marine life that both children and families can enjoy together. Fun, colourful and bright, the BLÅVINGAD collection brings the fascinating world of the deep sea to life!

From friendly ocean creatures on duvet covers and cushions, to items designed for ‘active play’ including soft toys, a rug that doubles as a play mat and even a fishing game to teach about ocean clean-ups, the BLÅVINGAD collection offers children the opportunity to explore different products, whilst also learning about how our oceans’ eco-systems work.

Designed for kids ranging from 3 years-old and upwards, the range was created using findings from the IKEA Kids’ Advisory Panel 2020, which found that children are curious about the ongoing health and safety of animals that live beneath the ocean. As a result, IKEA has consciously created select products from ocean-bound plastic and other recycled material, including the cushion covers, rug, storage bag and soft toys, meaning the BLÅVINGAD collection is perfect for a generation of eco-conscious children.

The global panel of 40 children aged 8 – 14 also highlighted the dolphin, orca, blue whale, turtle, and octopus as the most popular ocean creatures – resulting in the creation of the soft toys within the range.

Our favourite pieces from the collection include:

BLÅVINGAD Fishing game €17

BLÅVINGAD Cushion cover €13

BLÅVINGAD Soft toy with LED light €17

BLÅVINGAD Duvet cover and pillowcase €17

BLÅVINGAD Cushion cover €9.50

BLÅVINGAD Soft toy €13

BLÅVINGAD Storage bag €10


BLÅVINGAD Towel with hood €19

The collection is available in store and online now visit ikea.com/ie.