I was asked the other day, 'do you ever wake up tired?'


No of course not, I wake up refreshed and full of the joys of spring! 


Surprisingly, that's not what I actually said!  I have 2 children, of course, I wake up tired!  3 year old has never slept well and still wakes up during the night now although not as bad since he's stopped having bottles through the night, presumably because he's drier. 


With more than one child, even when the regular insomniac does decide to have a good night, the other one will then decide to have a disturbed night.  The saying is true, 'if it's not one it's the other!'


I'm actually finding it tougher to sleep since my 3-year-old has improved at night.  Despite 2 mattress toppers on the bed it still feels like I'm laying on concrete sometimes.  Also how many pillows?  Advice please. Why is it that even after they sleep through the night we are constantly tired? 


My theory is that I got so used to being woken up regularly by my 3-year year old that since he's slept better, I start off sleeping better, therefore when I am disturbed it's tougher.  I can barely put one foot in front of the other trying to get into his bedroom without bumping into too many walls and doors!  For some reason all this makes it tougher to get back to sleep as well.  When you're disturbed regularly by a new born (or 3 year old for that matter) you're so tired that you fall back to sleep each time as soon as you look at your bed.


So here we are, just before my littlest is about to start school, and I'm still complaining about sleep deprivation!


Keep up the caffeine!


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