You’ve done the hardest part - pushing a baby out of you – but your journey is not yet over. Your body has gone through lots of changes over the past nine months that it will take a while before things get back to normal.


As you adjust to the changes of being a new mum, your body is trying to heal and get back to its pre-pregnancy state.


The postpartum stage is the first six weeks after you give birth and throughout this time you will likely experience the following: 


Your emotions

From feeling anxious to ecstatic, you will go through a whole host of various emotions throughout the first few weeks and even months after baby’s birth. And while most people will tell you that you will feel on top of the world, it is not the same for every new mum. If you are struggling to cope with the 'baby blues' or postpartum depression talk to someone – never, ever ignore it.



Thought contractions were over as soon as you gave birth?! Think again! As your uterus returns to its normal size, you will experience a number of contractions that will feel like period pain. This will usually last around six or eight weeks.



Your body has gone through an ordeal and you will feel some amount of pain. And while every woman is different, generally you will experience sore muscles, vaginal pain and discomfort and sore breasts. You will also have pain in your lower stomach if you had a Caesarean.



You will experience bleeding for a few weeks after birth, kind of like a heavy period. While this is completely normal, you should always keep an eye out for any large clots and inform your midwife or doctor if you do find any. If you notice a discharge with a bad smell or you have a fever contact your doctor straight away.



Don’t be embarrassed if you start to suffer from incontinence. This should settle down after a while but talk to your doctor if it doesn’t. In the meantime, remember to do your Kegel exercises.