Wildwood, the party organisers, have taken the Forest Education Initiative and made it a fun option for children to learn by introducing Forest Parties. Children no longer want to play in the garden at traditional balloon parties, but want something a bit more adventurous, and so these Forest Parties offer kids a completely different party experience.
The company is using these Forest Parties as a way of introducing children to outdoor learning and have been successful in implementing Forest School Workshops into a number of schools.
Wildwood’s Forest Parties offer an adventurous and stimulating woodland experience tailored to individual or group needs. The themes reflect the child’s interests, whether it’s a favourite film, TV programme, character, or hobby.
Forest School Practitioner and Owner of Wildwood, Tim Coggins commented: “Woodland Parties are becoming increasingly popular with families across the region due to their unique and out-of-the-ordinary concept. We are able to theme the parties around the child’s interests whether that be mystical fairy stories to treasure hunts or the ever popular Nerf Gun parties.”
“The natural world doesn’t come with an instruction leaflet, so it teaches you to use your imagination. At a time when children are becoming overweight and suffering from ‘nature deficit disorder’ Wildwood are taking new approaches to children’s learning and leisure.”
For more information on Wildwoods Forest School and Parties visit  www.wildwoodforestschoolparties.co.uk or contact Tim Coggins by Tel: 07773169421 or email: tim@timcoggins.orangehome.co.uk