Experts have warned that children are eating the sugar equivalent of 20 chocolate chip biscuits on a DAILY basis. 


The Obesity Health Alliance - which comprises of 39 leading health charities, medical colleges and campaign groups - discovered this shocking statistic while researching the daily sugar intakes of 11- to 18-year-olds.


These figures are far higher than recommended intakes for that age group.



They want food and drink firms to slash the amount of sugar in food eaten by children, according to The Mirror.


Dr Modi Mwatsama, of the Obesity Health Alliance, said hidden sugar is the main culprit in these cases.


“Most parents would never hand over 20 chocolate biscuits a day to their children, but with so much hidden sugar in our food, it can often be hard to know just how much children are consuming.



“By reducing the amount of sugar found in everyday products, the industry could help make a real difference in improving the health of our children."