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Your Newborn Month 4

As your baby begins his fourth month of life, he will start to talk more and more. Of course he has his own language at this time, but he probably knows exactly what he is saying. Physically, your baby will start to roll from his back to his stomach in the fourth month. Additionally, this could be the time when you will start to see some teething symptoms, like crankiness and excessive slobbering.

Your Child’s Development

Your Child’s Development
In your baby’s fourth month of life, he will develop quite a personality. He will laugh out loud now, sometimes for no reason at all, and he smiles when you talk to him or make silly noises. The world around him can be quite funny at times!
Your baby will also begin to roll over now, so cot time must be much more monitored than before. It is still not safe to let your baby sleep on his stomach. Another skill that will greatly improved this month is your baby’s ability to grasp at objects. At four months of age, your baby can grasp onto an object when you hold it near his hand. He also can now intentionally bring an object to his mouth for a taste. 
Your baby’s vocal skills will also increase dramatically. You will start to notice that he is experimenting with different sounds on a daily basis now. Each month of his life will bring a new set of sounds as he talks to you in his own way. It’s important that you make sure to talk back to him. Even if he does not understand a word of it, this is the best interaction for your baby. Hearing your voice is very reassuring to your baby and makes him feel secure and happy. 
Many babies begin teething as early as four months of age. Teething will continue up until your child is around three years old. If your baby is already teething, you may notice a white bump on the gums. The bump will usually show up in the bottom front of the gums. The two bottom front teeth are called the central incisors and are the first teeth that appear in most children. After these teeth come in he will begin to teeth again in about 4 to 8 weeks when he starts to get his upper front teeth. And, about a month after that, the bottom teeth at each side of the centre teeth will start to come in. 
During teething, your baby may slobber a lot and be extremely cranky. This is normal. At four months of age, he cannot yet hold his own teething toy for a long period of time, so you might want to take time to help him out. A frozen teething toy will feel good on his gums. There are also some great over the counter products that relieve the pain of teething. Just make sure that the product is safe for infants to use.



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