Zainab Jagot Ahmed’s: Indian SuperMeals: Baby & Toddler

Looking to ditch bland baby food? Here at MummyPages HQ we were extremely excited when we were introduced to this beautiful culinary guide to gorgeous Indian meals for your little one’s. The gorgeous recipes will not only be a treat for your little one’s palette but also for the chef making it.
First time mum and author of this cookbook Zainab Jagot Ahmed understands that ‘Every parent wants to feed their baby nutritious food to ensure their little one has the best start in life, and was extremely cautious about the types of food I was feeding my daughter when I began weaning her at 6 months’.
This beautifully put together cookbook is not only filled with tasty recipes but it also full of essential information on the beneifts of ‘SuperMeals’ and the importance of foods and spices for baby and the rest of the family.
The ‘Super’ of SuperMeals refers to the extra health benefits associated with these meals over and above normal meals, due to the inclusion of carefully selected foods, SuperFoods and SuperSpices. When fused together they produce scrumptious meals, chock-full of nutritional value for babies and toddlers.
The cookbook includes recipes such as Indian Cottage Pie, Indian Vegetable Paella, Quick Cumin Spaghetti and Apple and Blueberry French Toast.
This Indian cookbook aimed at babies and toddlers is like no other on the market, it is unique in it’s advice and detail of each of it’s beautiful recipes and is sure to liven up your meal-times.
We hope you enjoy the recipes as much as we have!
For more information on this cookbook, visit  Zainabs lovely website here.
Priced from £4.79 
Zainab Jagot Ahmed’s Indian SuperMeals: Baby & Toddler Cookbook is available to buy for all tablets (iPad, Kindle, android), smartphones (iPhone, android) and PCs (windows, mac) from, Waterstones and all good e-bookshops.
June 2013
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