Parents know that the teenage years can be particularly… ahm… challenging, but this mum and dad in particular are “at the end of their tether” and they want their daughter to know it!


Marianne and Robert Jackson have written and signed a list of the ‘crimes’ their teenage daughter Nicola has committed over the summer break – like spending too much time on her phone, or not showing gratitude, or shouting at the dog for not posing at the photos she’s trying to take.


Nicola posted the damning document on her Twitter page with the caption: “I left 2 bowls in the lounge & my mum is acting like I've killed someone, this is the list I got given for my actions.”


Things you have done wrong this week


1) Left TWO bowls in the kitchen over the past two days.


2) Left a cup in your room for more than three days.


3) Eaten junk for the past six weeks.


4) Not making your bed in the morning.


5) Always on your phone.


6) Shouting at the dogs when they don't pose for your photos that you constantly take.


7) Making a tea for yourself and not offering me or your dad one, when we do everything for you.


8) Greeting the dogs with a better welcome than me or your dad after coming back from your holiday we paid for.


9) Not washing up your dirty dishes when all you do is eat.



“They drive you mad, don't they,” Marianne told the Daily Mail. “I'm sure there will be parents out there who see this and have been tempted to do the same.”


Nicola however is completely nonplussed, describing the note as the “biggest overreaction of 2016” and tweeting that her mum as the “the most dramatic mum you've ever come across”.


“My mum did the whole thing, she just got my dad to sign it for support, she added bemusedly.

Where do YOU stand on this? Total overreaction? Or are Nicola’s parents right in taking her to task for her behaviour? We’d love to hear where you stand on this!


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