After spending 13-years of his life going in and out of foster care, 18-year-old Carson has finally been adopted. 


Tex and Renee Petersen had Carson arrive into their care in 2014, and ever since the young man has found happiness. 



Carson, first entered the system when he was just three-years-old following his mother's passing, he was then sent to live with his father at the age of eight until he was 11; where he found himself homeless until he re-entered the system. 


But the 18-year-old never lost hope, and in 2014 when the Petersen's began fostering Carson, initially for a few days, he ended up finding his forever home alongside his new brother and two sisters. 



According to ABC News, Carson stated: "We always did things together. They always called me son. They introduced me as their son to everybody. They never said 'foster son,' which was pretty awesome to feel wanted and appreciated."


The adoption of an 18-year-old is quite a rare occurrence, as technically Carson is now an adult, but for this young man, it's about family life. 



And it's clear to see, the newest member of the Petersen gang was beaming with pride and smiles when the family entered a California courtroom to make their commitments final. 


We couldn't be happier for Carson to finally find happiness with such a loving family.