30 Beautiful baby names beginning with the letter ‘S’

Welcoming a beautiful, healthy baby into the world is one of the most important things you’ll do as a mother, along with choosing the perfect name for your tiny tot.

With so many brilliant, powerful and unusual names out there in the world, choosing just one, the right one, for your new little bundle of joy can be quite the task. After all, they’re stuck with this moniker for the rest of their lives!

To help you out, we’ve rounded up our favourite girl’s and boy’s names beginning with the letter ‘S’, in case this sassy letter has taken your fancy.

Girl Names:

  1. Sophia - Derived from Greek origins, this popular name means ‘wisdom’.

  2. Scarlett - Originating in France, this name refers to the colour red.

  3. Savannah - Derived from Spanish origins, meaning ‘treeless plain’.

  4. Sadie - Derived from Hebrew origins and a variant of the name Sarah, which means ‘Princess’.

  5. Sage - Comes from Latin origins and means ‘wise’ or ‘healthy’.

  6. Sienna - Refers to the Italian town, Siena, and can also mean ‘reddish brown’.

  7. Summer - Derived from British origins, referring to the sunny season.

  8. Sutton - A gender-neutral name with British origins which means ‘southern homestead’.

  9. Sydney - Derived from Old English origins, meaning ‘wide meadow’.

  10. Serena - Derived from the Latin word serēnus, meaning ‘clear, tranquil, serene’.

  11. Sabrina - A name with roots in Celtic, English, Italian and Latin origins, which can mean ‘from the border’ or ‘legendary princess’.

  12. Sierra - Derived from Spanish origins, meaning ‘mountain range’

  13. Sasha - Originating in Russia, this name means ‘defender’ or ‘helper of mankind’.

  14. Sylvie - Derived from French origins, meaning ‘from the forest’.

  15. Saoirse - With Irish origins, this beautiful name means ‘freedom’.

Boy Names:

  1. Samuel - Derived from Hebrew origins, this biblical name means ‘God has heard’ or ‘name of God’.

  2. Sawyer - With English origins, this literary name means ‘woodcutter’.

  3. Steven - Derived from Greek origins, meaning ‘wreath’ or ‘crown’.

  4. Sean - Derived from Irish origins, this name means ‘God is gracious’.

  5. Spencer - Originating in English origins, meaning ‘steward’ or ‘administrator’.

  6. Skye - A gender-neutral name with Scottish origins which refers to the sky.

  7. Sonny - With Anglo-Saxon origins, this name means ‘son’.

  8. Styles - Derived from Old English origins, meaning ‘steep hill’ or ‘steps’.

  9. Scott - Unsurprisingly, derived from Scottish origins, this name refers to ‘a person from Scotland’.

  10. Shane - With Irish roots, this name means ‘Graced by God’.

  11. Stuart - Derived from Scottish origins, meaning ‘Steward of the Estate’.

  12. Samson - Derived from Hebrew origins, meaning ‘sun’.

  13. Shay - A Irish Gaelic name which is also a variant of the name Seamus, meaning ‘gift’.

  14. Simon - Derived from Hebrew origins, meaning ‘listen’.

  15. Sullivan - Derived from the Irish word súildhubhán, this Gaelic name means ‘dark eyes’.