5 lessons to incorporate into your everyday life from The Office

The Office has always been one of our favourite comfort shows. While the original UK version, written, directed and starring Ricky Gervais is absolutely hilarious, the US version has always had a special place in our hearts. 

Whether we just want to have background noise playing in our home or feel like sitting down and starting the entire series from scratch, we know The Office will never let us down when it comes to needing a belly laugh. 

While the brilliant series is comedy gold, there are many important life lessons to be learned from The Office that we could implement into our everyday lives as well as at work.

We’ve shared the top 5 life lessons we’ve taken away from the show after coming back to watch it time and time again.

Never give up

We first get a glimpse into Michael’s incomplete film Threat Level Midnight in the second season of The Office and finally get to see the entire screenplay in season seven. Michael reveals he spent 10 years writing, shooting, re-shooting and editing his movie. With over a decade of work put into his dream film (which he admits doesn’t turn out the best), Michael truly shows the meaning of never giving up on your dreams. So, whether you’re writing a book, want to head back to college or take up a new hobby you’ve been too scared to, follow Michael’s example of always working on your dream until you make it come true.

Don’t take yourself too seriously 

If there’s someone in The Office that doesn't take himself too seriously, it’s Jim Halpert. Between spending half his days at the reception desk trying to impress Pam to messing with Dwight using extraordinary pranks, Jim knows how to have a good time. Even though he carried out these pranks during the working day, Jim still got on with his work and was promoted to regional co-manager for a short while before he knew being a salesman was more suited to him. Whether he was putting Dwight’s stationary in jelly, dressing up the exact same as him, or covering his entire desk and chair in wrapping paper, Jim always had fun while at work, proving you can still get stuff done while having a giggle. Also, pretty much everything Michael Scott does shows to never be too serious. 

Whatever will be, will be

After three years of longing for Pam, Jim finally gets to be with the woman of his dreams. Even though Pam was engaged to Roy, Jim loved her from afar and after years of silently longing for her, Pam finally realised her feelings for her co-worker. The lovebirds went on to tie the knot and have two children together, proving that if something is meant to happen, it will always work itself out, so don’t get too worried if you’re not where you want to be in life right now.

Appreciate the little things in life

Sometimes it’s hard to remember to appreciate the little things when you see others living seemingly lavish lives, but The Office reminds us that the little things you get to experience with those close to you are memories to be cherished forever. From eating a grilled cheese on the roof of your office with your crush to receiving a teapot filled with little mementos as a Secret Santa gift, it really is the simple and thoughtful things in life that mean the most to us.

Always show up for your friends 

When Pam has her art show and only Oscar shows up with his partner who criticises her work, she's crushed that no one else from work comes to the exhibition. But, when Michael appears, it makes such a huge difference for her and brings tears to her eyes. With her boss simply showing up and saying he’s proud of her (as well as buying her painting of their building which he happily displays in the office) Pam feels overcome with emotion and like her art is worth something after all, so always make an effort to be there for your pals- it can have a huge impact on them.